Wire Rope Clamps

Wire Rope Clamps

Wire Rope Clamps​

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Wire Rope Clamp Diagram

Wire rope clamps, also referred to as cable clamps or wire rope clips, are essential components used to create secure connections and terminations in wire rope assemblies. These clamps consist of a U-shaped saddle, a threaded bolt, and a base plate. When properly installed, they provide a reliable grip on the wire rope, preventing slippage or separation under load. Wire rope clamps are widely used in various industries, including construction, maritime, oil and gas, and more.

Features and Components:

  1. U-shaped Saddle: The U-shaped saddle forms a housing for the wire rope and acts as the primary gripping point. It is typically lined with grooves or serrations to enhance grip and minimize slippage.
  2. Threaded Bolt: The threaded bolt passes through the base plate and allows for tightening of the clamp. It applies pressure on the wire rope, securing it firmly within the saddle.
  3. Base Plate: The base plate provides a stable platform for the saddle and bolt assembly. It also serves as a support surface for distributing the load across the clamp.

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