Electric Chain Hoist

Electric Chain Hoist

Electric Chain Hoist

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Electric Chain Hoist Diagram

An electric chain hoist is a powerful lifting device that utilizes an electric motor to raise and lower heavy loads in a controlled manner. It is widely used in industries such as manufacturing, construction, warehousing, and logistics for lifting and moving objects with ease and precision. Here are some key features and benefits of electric chain hoists:

Power and Efficiency: Electric chain hoists are designed to provide high lifting capacities, allowing them to handle heavy loads ranging from a few hundred kilograms to several tons. The electric motor provides consistent power, enabling efficient lifting and lowering operations.

Controlled Operation: Electric chain hoists offer precise control over lifting and lowering speeds, allowing operators to position loads accurately and safely. They typically feature variable speed controls and braking systems to ensure smooth and controlled movements.

Durability and Safety: Electric chain hoists are constructed with sturdy materials such as steel to withstand demanding working conditions and heavy loads. They are designed with safety features like overload protection, limit switches, and emergency stop buttons to enhance operator safety and prevent accidents.

Versatility: Electric chain hoists are versatile and can be used for various lifting applications. They can be mounted on a fixed structure, such as an overhead beam or a gantry crane, or used with a mobile trolley to provide horizontal movement. This versatility allows for flexible use in different work environments.

Ease of Use: Electric chain hoists are user-friendly and require minimal effort to operate. They typically come with a handheld pendant control that allows operators to control the lifting and lowering functions conveniently. Some models may also offer remote control options for added convenience.

Maintenance and Serviceability: Electric chain hoists generally require minimal maintenance, with periodic inspections and lubrication being the primary maintenance tasks. They are designed for easy serviceability, allowing for quick and efficient repairs or component replacements when needed.

Load Capacity and Speed Options: Electric chain hoists are available in various load capacity options, ranging from a few hundred kilograms to several tons, to suit different lifting requirements. Additionally, different speed settings may be available, allowing for customized lifting speeds based on the specific application.

It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines when operating electric chain hoists. Proper training and understanding of the hoist’s capabilities, load limits, and operating procedures are crucial for safe and efficient use.

Manufactured in ISO 9001:2008 certified company

Assured quality and interchangeability of parts

Rugged European design

Assured reliability

Overload slipping clutch

Safety assured

Compact aluminium alloy cast body

Light weight precision engineered

Anti corrosive powder coated finish

Better aesthetics

Imported grade 80 surface hardened load chain for

Longer chain life

Built in electrical control panel

Ready to use

Ergonomically designed pendent control

Easy of usage

Swiveling bottom block

Free rotation handling of loads

Precision machine cut case hardened alloy steel gears and load chain wheel

Long life, noiseless operation

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