Tripple Spur Gear Chain Pulley Block (Model-SP)

Tripple Spur Gear Chain Pulley Block (Model-SP)

Triple Spur Gear Chain Pulley Block (Model P)

Svibo Industries is Known as Manufacturers , Importers and Suppliers for all types of Tripple Spur Gear Chain Pulley Block Model-SP Across India at Best Rates.

Tested as per ISI procedure for 50% over load

Assured safety

Grade 80 load chain & zinc plated hand chain

Longer chain life

Rugged German design, in use for more than 30 years

Assured reliability

Double ball bearing supported load wheel

Smooth operation

Precision machine case hardened alloy steel gears

Long life, noiseless operation

Non-ferrous parts like chain wheels, chain guides, ratchet wheel and stripping fork

Eliminates spark generation possibilities during rubbing of mating components

The Triple Spur Gear Chain Pulley Block (Model-SP) is a game-changing lifting device designed to deliver unparalleled precision and efficiency in demanding industrial applications. With its advanced triple spur gear system, this pulley block sets a new standard for lifting accuracy and control.

At the heart of the Model-SP is its innovative triple spur gear configuration. The three interlocking gears work harmoniously to distribute the load evenly, minimizing friction and providing exceptional lifting precision. This intelligent gear system ensures smooth and synchronized lifting operations, allowing for meticulous positioning of heavy loads with utmost accuracy.

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