Triple Spur Gear Chain Pulley Block (Model M)

Tripple Spur Gear Chain Pulley Block (Model M)

Svibo Industries is Known as Manufacturers , Importers and Suppliers for all types of Triple Spur Gear Chain Pulley Block Across India at Best Rates.

The Triple Spur Gear Chain Pulley Block (Model M) is a cutting-edge lifting device that combines innovation, strength, and precision. This advanced pulley block is specifically designed to handle heavy loads and demanding industrial lifting operations with remarkable efficiency and safety.

At the heart of the Model M is its triple spur gear system, featuring three interlocking gears that work harmoniously to distribute the load evenly and minimize friction. This intelligent gear configuration ensures smooth and synchronized lifting, significantly reducing the effort required and maximizing lifting efficiency.

Light weight & sturdy

Ease of handling

Lifelong lubrication

Minimal maintenance required

Surface hardened gears

Extended working life

Use of needle roller bearings

High operating efficiency

Smooth passage of load chain

Machined guide rollers

Self sustaining maintenance free friction brake

Reduced downtime

Grade 80 load chain for strength & wear resistance

Longer chain life

Anti corrosive powder coated finish

Better aesthetics

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